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Our mission is to support small footprint lifestyles by freeing individuals from the hassles of owning or renting real estate. We provide flexible turnkey accommodations in purposefully designed communities to help individuals plug and play into new places.

Our Development Concept

  • Flexible Accommodations

    We provide fully furnished; flexible accommodations focused on one to three month stays. Individuals are free to come and go as they please with no long-term leases or commitments. Each unit is purposefully designed for the nomadic lifestyle. Featuring custom casework, storage solutions, kitchens, and furniture our units are easy to use and aesthetically pleasing while maximizing utility in a small and affordable space.

  • Lifestyle Amenities

    Our properties are in up and coming, highly accessible areas. Each property features an amenities package like a lifestyle hotel without all the fuss. Designer gym spaces, an onsite boutique market, quality and convenient food and beverage offerings, pop up bars and events are all part of the on-property Bento Living experience.

  • On Demand Operations

    The new luxury service is unobtrusive and on demand. Out with white glue and in with automation. Our model leverages technology to create a sustainable and low-cost service model; allowing our staff to focus on human interaction over repetitive tasks. Ala Carte housekeeping, automated front desk service, a cross trained staff and low room turns means we can provide affordable short-term housing with the service of a lifestyle hotel.

  • Return on Investment

    Our unique blend of hospitality and residential uses allows us to garget multifamily CAP rates with hospitality net cashflows. An average length of stay of 70+ nights create lower vacancy, capital expense and operational costs. All of this allows the owner to realize net cashflow levels usually reserved for short term rental operators while positioning the property closer to a traditional multifamily asset.

The Art of
Bento Living

We are the path to inspire conscious and creative living.



Our solutions plug easily into daily life, solving real world challenged practically and simply.



We believe in a modular approach to allow for flexibility and personalization.



Our solutions are highly convenient, allowing people to spend time on what’s most important to them.

A Hotel To Live In

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We are always looking for ways to create a more meaningful experience for our guests. Have a product or service that you believe should be a part of the Bento experience?

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