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that simplify life.

Our flex-stay residences offer boutique amenities and authentic neighborhood experiences. We develop sustainable designs and service methods focused on conserving resources and maximizing space.

Our Development Approach

  • Concept

    We target up and coming opportunity zones, including infill city neighborhoods, and wish to integrate into areas with character and convenient existing access to citywide amenities. We focus on the neighborhood by partnering with local residents, community groups, landholders, and governmental entities to improve the quality of neighborhood living for all. We size, proportion, and program space based on a person’s or business’ needs and budget, not the other way around.

  • Design

    We take a simple and considered approach to design in order to deliver a high value-per-square-foot product. We believe in designing for the use case and consider how those use cases will shift over time. We design a place for everything while still leaving room for personalization. Our inspiration is drawn from Japanese and mid-century modern design’s simplicity, connection to nature, and thoughtfulness.

  • Build

    Whenever possible we try to systematize and use modular approaches to construction. BentoBuild, a sister company of BentoLiving, creates modular products and approaches to construction that integrate into our development model allowing us to deliver projects rapidly and affordably.

  • Operate

    We provide a model that offers the most value-per-function by optimizing essential services, automating processes, and offering robust on-demand services where we can.

  • Hospitality

    Our approach to our services is one-on-one, and appropriate for individuals. We hold expert insider knowledge on the neighborhood with a high ability for personalization. Clients are made to feel like friends. The access to help is barrierless; we are always eager to spend time together and genuinely connect.

The Art of
Bento Living

We believe simplification is the key to a creative life. We reimagine the ecology, community, and economy of purposeful and conscious living.



We focus on simplicity and necessity without sacrificing quality.



We find meaning in community. We celebrate and work closely with our neighboring businesses and partners.



We believe a modular and customizable approach is fundamental to a meaningful experience.

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We are always looking for ways to create a more meaningful experience for our guests. Have a product or service that you believe should be a part of the Bento experience?

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